Spring is here and with it the desire to start fresh, whether than means cleaning out your closets, organizing your home or revamping your personal style in the form of a spring makeover.

When you think of a fashion makeover you probably envision going to the hair salon, picking up some new outfits and accessories and maybe going out of your comfort zone a bit when it comes to your appearance.

The same can be done for your home. Let’s give our island homes a little spring fashion makeover of their own.

Wondering what it takes to give your home that fresh spring look? Try incorporating some of these seasonal style tips for starters. With fashionable prints, colors galore, and a whole lot of floral—these trendy designs are just what the fashion police ordered.



Update Your Pillows—Ditch those darker fabrics and embrace lighter shades. These pillows are light, fluffy and colorful—everything that spring pillows should be. When selecting colors, go for pastels or jewel-tones to add a punch of color to your living room. If you’re a fan of patterns, try mixing in some solid shades with floral or island-inspired patterns.

Mix and Match Patterns—Patterns shouldn’t be limited to just pillows. It’s time to mix it up in more ways than one—we’re talking furniture, curtains, rugs and surrounding décor. Mixing patterns will help create dimension and texture to your room. It’ll also help give those colorful accent pieces that extra pop of color.



Keep it Simple—Though spring is often associated with vibrant colors and change, this doesn’t mean you need to replace all of the furniture and décor in your home. Instead, give your home a fresh look by removing your usual décor for some fresh flower arrangements or plants. The colors and smells will have your home looking and smelling like spring in no time!



Go Lighter—Just as you would with your hair and your clothes, lighten up your fabrics and home décor for the spring season. If you’re looking to make a big change, think about replacing that dark or brightly pattered sofa for a lighter pastel or beige couch. Looking for a more subtle change? Replace your duvet covers and sheets on your bed or brighten up any space with some furniture slipcovers and throw pillows. Sometimes it’s the subtlest of changes that make the biggest difference.



Give Your Walls A Makeover—Speaking of brightening up a space, your walls need a little TLC too. For a bold change, think patterned wallpaper in pastel colors for the kitchen or bathroom. Paint will also do the trick if you’re looking to make a big change with a small budget. Paint an accent wall or room with a soft shade of blue or one of spring 2015 fashion’s hottest colors—yellow.

Is your home ready for a spring makeover? What do you think of these simple beauty tricks? Let us know in the comments!