Does you stomach churn a bit when you hear the word “vegan”? Do visions of boring, bland vegetables, grains and legumes come to mind? Well, I have news for you. Vegan cuisine has evolved! Whether it’s for health or compassionate reasons, people are becoming more educated about different diets and making better choices about what they are placing into their bodies. In turn, chefs are embracing natural resources and plant-based foods to concoct amazing creations full of bold flavors.

Take for instance, Peace Café, which is located in Honolulu at 2239 S King Street. The café offers vegan home cooking and baking with pure and simple ingredients, such as Heart & Seoul, which is Korean bi bam bap with a choice of house flavored TVP or fresh Tofu or Moroccan Stew, a lightly spiced chickpea stew with brown rice.

The atmosphere of Peace Café is just as the name describes: peaceful. You feel at home when you walk in and one can easily appreciate the simplicity of the space. From the ambient music to the minimalistic decor to the mellow vibe of the staff and patrons, everything about Peace Café feeds the mind, body and soul.

To finish things off, don’t miss out on some of the fresh baked goods. The Mochi is amazing and flavors like Matcha berry, Kinako chocolate and apple-banana cinnamon rotate daily. All sweets are free of dairy, egg and refined sugar. And that includes ice cream – you’ve got to try the avocado flavor. You can even order a Christmas holiday cheesecake from Peace Café. And for when you need a morning or afternoon pick-me-up, the cafe has a variety of coffee and tea drinks served hot or cold. 

If you’re a practicing vegan, chances are you frequent Peace Café often. But for those looking for something new that is both nutritious and delicious, stop by Peace Café for a spoonful of tastefulness, kindness and happiness.

What’s your favorite vegan food?