It’s that time of year again where summer comes to an end and school is back in session. And with school comes the dreaded “H” word – homework.

Whether you are commuting to college, living in the dorms, or have school-aged children at home, a comfortable desk space or work area can play a vital role in educational success.

To create the ultimate homework station or study area, look around your house for unused spaces in the kitchen, bedroom, family room, hallway or even a spare closest, and then let the creative juices flow.

It’s very important to personalize the space and make it one that is both inspiring and motivating to work. Personally, I like my work area cleared of clutter, well lit and decorated with personal touches, such as photos of my family and friends or souvenirs from recent traveling adventures.

Equally importantly is that the space is functional. It should be quiet, organized and free of distractions. Make sure there’s a way to shut out the noise. If a door isn’t an option to literally shut it out, try using a folding screen, drape or a bookshelf to partition off the area.


Floating shelves, modular systems and baskets or bins are all easy ways to add organization without compromising on style.


In a bind and unsure of how you want your homework station to look? I find perusing Pinterest a great resource to getting decorating and organizational ideas. Search for key words like “homework station,” “study area” or “desk spaces” and create your own inspiration board.

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