J-Shop, a boutique super market featuring Japanese Wagyu beef and sashimi grade fish, opened its doors last month. Walking into the quaint store off of Young Street was like stepping through a doorway to Japan: a fishmonger’s counter with fresh fish and seafood plus a great selection of hard to find Japanese imports like high quality mentaiko (spicy Cod roe).

Mentaiko_Cod Roe

J-Shop acts as a restaurateurs’ super market; a place where they can get quality products imported from Japan. While the everyday shopper may not be looking for nine pound cuts of Wagyu Sirloin at $97.50 a pound, they will be pleased to find smaller servings of the quality beef.


If you’re looking to host a party and impress your friends and family, this might be the perfect place to pick up your fish and beef.  The quality of the fish and beef is something you will not find anywhere on the island.

Fish Packaged


Beef Section

If you’re near Ala Moana you might want to take a look at this little store and all the wonderful foods it sells.


1513 Young Street

Honolulu, HI 96826