Growing up in Waikiki, I always viewed the area as a “party-hard” atmosphere that would make Dionysus proud, and unless you were under the influence you couldn’t appreciate its luster.  Since my childhood days, I am happy that a beautification project started back in 2004, and it has completely changed my image of Waikiki.

Waikiki has become a great place for families and single people alike.  There are monthly events on the Waikiki strip, new restaurants and stores popping up all over the place, weekly farmers’ markets and weekly events at Kapiolani Park that make this a beautiful and dynamic city to be proud of.


Waikiki HM Storefront


Of the new restaurants and stores, Bills Sydney opened their first USA restaurant in Waikiki.  Bills Sydney are wildly popular in Japan, and may cause some major competition for Eggs N’ Things, (Waikiki’s most famous breakfast stop,) as they are known for having the “best breakfast in the world.”


Waikiki Bills Sydney_Breakfast

Another new addition to Waikiki is the long awaited clothing store, H&M.  Opening day saw lines that wrapped around the building, and tourists everywhere carrying H&M bags.  You can find H&Ms throughout the Continental United States, but this is the first in Hawaii.

Along with these latest additions, Waikiki is continuing to grow, giving both tourists and locals a space to come and play.  While the beach is a nice place to start it shouldn’t end there; there is so much to see and do.  Kapiolani Park is a few steps from Waikiki Beach, and it’s a beautiful place to walk around, play soccer or just lounge around.  Across from the park is the Waikiki Aquarium and a few minutes away is my favorite place for Eggs Benedict, The Hau Tree Lanai. If you visit, you’re bound to go to Waikiki so just make sure you take some time away from the beach to see everything Waikiki has to offer.

If you live in, or have visited Waikiki, what are some of your favorite spots? Let me know in the comments below.