March Madness tips off next week. If you’re a college basketball fan that means right about now you’re feverishly obsessing over your bracket, checking the schedule and planning when, where and how you’ll watch 150 hours of live hoops.

This basketball bonanza consumes the consciousness of the nation each year. But what happens when the big dance is over? Here are 16 ways you can bring the hoops action into your home year round.

Do you have a lot of land and want to still be able to play in extreme heat? Convert a garage into an indoor court or transform your swimming pool. If you want to keep things inside your home, set up a court in your living room, in the kitchen or in the attic.

Looking for something a little more small scale (literally)? Decorate your child’s room with a basketball theme. Fun ideas include using a corkboard with medals and ribbons as a headboard, painting a mural on closet doors to look like a locker room, turning a lofted bed into a half court, creating a light fixture out of clipboards, and incorporating stadium seating as a storage solution.

If you care more about the art of the game, try this unique décor idea, create graphic wall art or go for a subtle yet bold design element.

Feeling a little more traditional? Get inspired by this outdoor court that’s beautifully lit at night, this gorgeous full court or this sleek court that fits seamlessly into the home’s modern design.

For more inspiration, check out our Hoops & Homes Pinterest board. Do you have a favorite idea? Let us know in the comments! And tell us how you would build your dream house with the ultimate home court advantage.