Weddings are often full of tradition and customs. A dress passed down from mother to child, a wedding band passed from father to son, an “oldie” wedding song or Uncle Jim as the emcee. But many of today’s brides are throwing those traditional event happenings right out the window and creating a wedding full of “something new”!

Something New-cake

A new book by Paige Appel and Kelly Harris titled The New-Fashioned Wedding: Designing Your Artful, Modern, Crafty, Textured, Sophisticated Celebration has young, modern brides and grooms holding their weddings in locales such as industrial warehouses, vineyards, hip hotels and perfectly distressed barns. There are also endless suggestions of offbeat features including farm-to-table dinners, recycling, paint pots and confetti cannons.

Throughout the pages of this beautifully photographed book, Appel and Harris go into detail about several actual weddings they have designed. One that stands out was highlighted by a bourbon-soaked retro cocktail hour, colossal balloons and a marching band! These girls have it down. They have mastered the element of surprise while still respecting the elegance and custom of a wedding. And they even have suggestions for those brides who want a little bit of the vintage or traditional to show through in their weddings.

What are some new things you’ve been thinking of implementing in your wedding this year? A Cup-cake wedding cake? Flannel Wedding Dresses? Share your thoughts below, or on Twitter – @CBPacific.