How does one successfully sell a luxury listing in Hawaii? While there isn’t a handbook outlining each and every move that guarantees a sold property, there is one secret ingredient that all successful transactions share in common, and that is the importance of marketing.

Anne Oliver, a Coldwell Banker Previews International® Sales Associate with 21 years of experience in selling luxury properties in Hawaii, can attest to the significance of marketing in the real estate market – especially for luxury listings.

Anne provided tips and shared her knowledge of marketing in Hawaii’s luxury market in this year’s AREAA Global + Luxury Summit. The summit was held in Waikiki on April 3 to 5 and covered everything relating to luxury listings in today’s changing market.

We caught up with Anne and asked her to share some of the marketing information she provided at the summit and to talk us through her experience in the real estate market.

How important is it to have a good marketing plan for your listing? Is this often overlooked?

In the luxury sector, it cannot be overlooked. Successful sellers expect excellence, and expect results. A good marketing plan continues until the property is sold.

What’s the most important thing a sales associate should do to promote their luxury listing?

Most important is to consistently keep the property at the top of the mind with the brokerage community. Very expensive properties can take a long time to sell and it is key to continue to expose the property consistently after the “hoopla” of the original launch of the listing is completed. I hold Broker’s Opens two times per month for the life of a listing regardless of the price point. Many very successful brokers are so busy with their own listings that they don’t make the effort to view competing properties unless they have a buyer in hand. I call these brokers who have not shown up and offer a personal invitation to come to see my listing at his or her convenience. Exposure is key.

What is one of the most common mistakes sales associates make in marketing their listing?

Not spending the required budget to hire the best photographer and the best videographer available. The photos should have a cohesive point of view, which requires the broker’s personal stamp. It requires working directly with the photographer throughout the process—which takes a lot of time, but it is critical to ultimate success of the marketing effort.

Why do you feel it is important to share your experience with others?

Hopefully, I will learn something valuable in the process.

Why did you decide to become a sales associate?

Like so many real estate agents, I started out in retail. Many of my clients were real estate brokers who encouraged me to try real estate. I jumped in and never looked back.

What is your favorite aspect of working in this field?

I love working with interesting people from different backgrounds and experiences. I enjoy business and putting the negotiating skills I have learned to work. I suspect I was a psychologist in a past life, and that helps!

What makes the Hawaii luxury market unique?

So much of our luxury property is oceanfront; we have a ton of beachfront property. A successful luxury broker in Hawaii needs to be knowledgeable about shoreline issues, which take years of experience to learn. Is the seawall legal? So what if it isn’t legal? What impact do those big rocks in the ocean fronting the property have to the seller or buyer? Certified Shoreline Surveys? Recognizing these issues and knowing the answers and solutions can save hundreds of thousands of dollars and much heartache.

You have had great success in your field. Can you share how you have achieved this success over the years?

Having a great assistant makes all the difference in building and maintaining your business. Providing the attention to your clients and their properties that they deserve while also maintaining a personal life. Mine is the absolute best!

Do you have a personal or business philosophy or motto?

Think of your clients’ best interest always and your best interests will be served.

Plain. Simple. And brilliant.