The best way to get a complete list of open houses every weekend – the Oahu’s Open House Guide by Hawaii Home! You no longer have to wait till Sunday to wade through and the Sunday paper to find listings of weekend open houses. Open houses in the Sunday paper only include those of advertisers. What about all the other open houses?

Now, there’s a better way! Here you will find ALL the open houses in the Multiple Listings Service (MLS) each weekend. A new list is posted by 5pm every Friday. Just click on the Open House link, print and go! The guide is set up to print to standard paper using any printer. It’s simple, free and great for pre-planning!



FIRST OPEN HOUSES THIS SUNDAY (9/14/14) 2:00pm – 5:00pm (unless otherwise stated)

$2,590,000 FS | Wai Kahala/Wailupe | 1423 Ohialoke Street | 201418003 | CLICK HERE

$1,298,000 FS | Kailua | 1254 Puualoha St | 201417949 | CLICK HERE

$1,200,000 FS | Mililani | 95-1000 Kapanoe Street | 201417822 | CLICK HERE

$825,000 FS | Kakaako | 1296 Kapiolani Boulevard #II-2107 | 201417870 | CLICK HERE

$815,000 FS | Ewa | 91-1099 Waiemi Street | 201417795 | CLICK HERE

$699,000 FS | Pearl City | 98-1375 Hoohiki Street | 201416508 | CLICK HERE

$498,000 FS | Ewa | 91-1001 Keaunui Drive #111 | 201417709 | CLICK HERE

$465,000 FS | Waikiki | 343 Hobron Lane #1104 | 201417836 | CLICK HERE

$280,000 FS | Makakilo | 92-1210 Palahia St #V203 | 201412542 | CLICK HERE

$265,000 FS | Makiki/Tantalus | 1630 Liholiho St, #805 | 201416342 | CLICK HERE

$255,000 FS | Mililani | 95-646 Hanile St. #C205 | 201417959 | CLICK HERE

$207,000 FS | Kapiolani | 750 Amana Street #502 | 201417237 | CLICK HERE

$199,800 FS | Aiea | 98-729 Moanalua Loop #308 | 201417548 | CLICK HERE

Home Buyer Tips for Visiting an Open House

In the meantime, there’s a lot of information out there for sellers staging an Open House, but surprisingly few guidelines for the people who come to view them.

For some, an Open House viewing may simply be an impulse activity to satisfy their curiosity about a neighbor’s home. However, for serious buyers, especially First Time Buyers who have limited experience in seeing different home styles and layouts, visiting Open Houses can be a very worthwhile exercise.

To plan an effective Open House tour, you should start with downloading the Open House Guide, the new list is updated by 5pm every Friday) and includes a map! Plot out the addresses of where the Open Houses are located, and the times of showings to ensure that you make the most productive use of your time.

If you don’t already know the area, then the Open House Guide will be the first place to start. Look at your map, and see where major transportation links are located, as well as parks, schools, shopping and amenities. If everything you see on the map looks good, then start out with a driving tour of the area itself, before you devote some time to viewing individual houses.

Feel free to let us know how the weekend of touring turns out by tweeting us at @CBPacific, or visiting our Facebook page.